Areas of application

BC Technologies offers new and specialised solutions in various fields of technology that provide significant added value in terms of manufacturing processes.

Over the years our company has developed comprehensive expertise in the watch-making and jewellery sectors, medical and dental, micro- and nano-technology applications, metrology and optical systems and in the fields of aerospace and aeronautics.


Our machining centres are perfectly designed and suited for use in the watch-making, jewellery high-end jewellery sectors.



The medical and dental fields require complex geometrical machining, high accuracy and impeccable surface quality.


NanotechnologY - Micromecanic

BC Technologies offers flexible machining solutions suited for complex micro-components.


Metrology - Optic

The latest generation of measurement systems and optical components must meet extremely tight geometrical tolerances and their surface quality must be impeccable.

Aerospace - Aeronautics

The entire range of BC Technologies' machining centres meet the stringent aerospace and aeronautic requirements.