Technical, software, consulting


3dPCI3dPCI is an active partner in the 3D industrial printing sector. FDM technology enables us to produce parts with the same solid, stable plastics as those used for injection molding and CNC machining.


AKAtech SA

AKAtechOur partner, AKAtech SA is a veritable centre of excellence for integrated and bespoke industrial vision and automation systems for our product lines.



AMCCAMCC Cyrogenic techniques - A historic partnership with our company.  Thanks to this company's creativity and flexibility we have been able to develop original techniques to hold complex, delicate workpieces.  Since the foundation of BC Technologies, we have represented their products in Switzerland. AMCC represents our company in France.


Macoritto SA

MacorittoMacoritto Machine, sheet metal and industrial lock manufacturer. A close partner of BC Technologies SA, Macoritto SA participates in the development of our mechanically welded structures. It is also responsible for production of these structures.



NovatecNovatec Industrial washing systems - Another historical partner of our company, Novatec has enabled us to develop fully integrated manufacturing units. It is extremely important that the parts manufactured on our machines are impeccably clean with a perfect visual aspect. We are resellers of NOVATEC facilities in Switzerland.



MW Programmation SAMW Programmation SA - CAD/CAM software - This company has been providing us with their simple and complex machining application expertise for many years. We resell various software, including Alpha-Cam.



ProductecProductec - This company, a specialist in CNC software and programming services, is our partner when for complex machining solutions. Amonst the software offered, there is Gibbs CAM and the professional ProAXYZ modules.



TMHTMH, a longstanding partner, TMH SA manufactures precision mechanical parts for the watch-making and jewellery sector. Thanks to this collaboration, many of our machines have been developed and tested.