Industrial washing

Pluritank 15 manual

: , Medical - Dental, Aerospace - Aeronautical, Nanotechnology - Micromechanics, Metrology - Optics

This compact facility is mainly used for removing and cleaning metal holder components, cleaning precision components and/or removing oily residues.
Its ease of use make it a tool that is particularly well suited to final cleaning processes or cleaning prior to surface treatment.

Technicals specifications

Cleaning procedure:
- Ultrasound cleaning with buffer container for de-greasing and filtration
with spare buffer container
- Final ultrasound cleaning or H2O rinsing
- Air drying
Effective container capacity : 18 litres.
Equipement : vertical stirring for containers 1 and 2, timer, distilled water production unit.
- Dimensions : 3000 x 1000 x 1100 mm.