Usinage mécanique


Fraiseuse en barre 3 axes

Domaine(s) d'application: , Médical - Dentaire, Aérospatial - Aéronautique, Nanotechnologie - Micromécanique, Métrologie - Optique

Featuring a digital bar-feed, a separate digital cutting axis, 4 fixed tool spindles and an optional electro-spindle with 6-tool charger, this machine was designed to meet the demands of high productivity but also to be simple to set to facilitate swift start of production.

Spécifications techniques

general specifications
Height 1800 mm
Width 900 mm
Length 1400 mm
Standard mass 900 Kg
Power supply 3x400 V / 50Hz / 20kW / 40A
Pneumatic supply 6 bars minimum
Digital control Fanuc 0imf
Y Path 450 mm
Y Path 150 mm
Z Path 100 mm
Machining feed 1-6000 mm/min
Machining fast XY 15 m/min
Machining fast Z 10 m/min
Repetability +/- 0.002 mm
Spindles speed 40'000 t/min
Tool holder HSK11/ HSK25 / ISO10
Maximum size of the bar Ø40mm


- Post of resumption with multi-tools spindle HSK25 (8 tools)
- Kinamatic option for machining
- Automatic pallet stacking
- Tool measurement system