Industrial washing

Novatec is a flexible and dynamic company with extensive expertise and experience and a vast knowledge of the industrial washing sector thanks to its team of experienced and efficient technicians.

Novatec specialises in surface treatment and also produces ultrasound cleaning facilities.Novatec products are well known because of their will to continually strive for better results, at the same time maintaining excellent value for money.

Novatec integrates a complete work cycle: from project design to mechanical and electrical production, assembly, process validation in line with extremely rigorous quality checking procedures.

Because there are no external interventions, work flow is more even and supply lead-times are shorter. Novatec can create a complete cleaning process and implement a facility adapted to the specific products to be processed.

Based on the reliability of their machines produced by their experienced and rigorous technicians, Novatec has seen world-wide commercial expansion. Thanks to their multilingual staff, Novatec can provide initial training sessions and technical assistance at its foreign customers' sites.

Novatec is very aware of environmental issues. Their water treatments system ensure that the machines have zero overflow and thus are perfectly effective and environmentally friendly.