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This compact, streamlined machine is used for marking, ablation, engraving and cutting operations. The large table enables loading and loading while the machine is in operation. An intuitive and customised man-machine interface makes this machine ever more easy to use. Video identification is proposed as an option.

Technicals specifications

General specifications
Height 2000 mm
Width 1020 mm
Length 1260 mm
Standard mass 1000 Kg
Power supply 3x400V / 50Hz / 15kW / 25 A
Pneumatic supply 6 bars minimum
Digital control Fanuc 0imf
Effective table surface 220 x 150 mm
X Path 320 mm
Y Path 165 mm
Z path 100 mm
Machining feed X 1-2000 mm/min
Machining fast XY 20 m/min
Machining fast Z 20 m/min
Repetability +/- 0.002 mm
Positioning mounts According to type of workpice


Laser source
Average power 5-30 W
Wavelength 1064 nm
Focale height 100, 160 ou 163 mm
Frequency 100 KHz
Sport diameter 40 μm
FAO software TruTops Mark


- 4 axe (divider)
- Vision recognition
- Robotised loading and unloading
- Various vision systems and set programs