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Designed to operate in manual or automatic mode, it is so flexible that it can be used with different holders or mounts.
A camera is used for automatic positioning and to direct the movement of engraving on the workpiece.

Technicals specifications

general specification
Dimensions of the table 1’000 x 1’100 mm
X Path 350 mm
Y Path 160 mm
Z Path 100 mm
C Path 360°
Pre-loaded ball-bearing guidance  
Maximum machining feed 2’000 mm/min
Maximum machining fast 5’000 mm/min
  Z 12 m/min
Minimum increment 0.001 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 0.005 mm
Repetability accuracy ± 0.004 mm
Digital control fanuc oi-md
Spindle motor X-Y-Z (1 nm) with absolute coders 128’000 increment/turn


laser source Trumpf VmC5
Laser vmC5 diode-pumped solid-state
Wavelength 1’064 nm
Focale height 163 mm
Frequency 100 khz
Scope 120 mm
Spot diameter 40 µm
FAO software trutops mark


Implementation up data
Height 2’000 - 2’650 mm
Width 1’500 mm
Length 1’100 mm
Standard mass 800 kg
Power supply 3 x 400 v, 50 hz, 32 a
Pneumatic supply 6 bars


- Pallet mount
- Robotised loading and unloading
- Various vision systems and set programs
- Ethernet link