Laser welding machine for metal parts, specifically designed for the watchmaking industry. Designed for automatic operation in three positioned axes.
A camera integrated in the centre of the laser spot (and/or PFO) enables real-time viewing of the weld location and enables integration of a video system for automatic corrections.

Technicals specifications

general specification
Dimensions of the table 1’200 x 1’000 mm
Work area on table X 100 mm
Work area on table Y 100 mm
Work area on table Z 100 mm
Pre-loaded ball-bearing guidance  
Maximum machining feed 2’000 mm/min
Maximum machining fast 10’000 mm/min
Minimum increment 0.001 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 0.005 mm
Repetability accuracy ± 0.004 mm
Digital control Fanuc Oi-Md
Spindle motor X-Y-Z (1 nm) with absolute coders 128’000 increments/turn


laser source Trupulse 21
laser truPulse 21-3-3 generation II
Wavelength 1’064 nm
Laser power 20 W
Max pulse power 1.5 khz
Max energy pulse 15 J
Pulse length 0.2 - 50 ms
Focale height (PFO 20) 90 mm
PFO scope (scaner) square 57 mm
Beam quality 4 mm • mrad
Optical fiber dimension active 100 µm
Programmation software truControl 1000


implementation up data
Height 2’150 mm
Width 1’500 mm
Length 1’500 mm
Standard mass 1’200 kg
Power supply 3 x 400 v, 50 hz, 25 a
Power 9 kW
Pneumatic supply 6 bars


- Campling systems
- Set programs
- Vision systems
- Modifications or specific characteristics may be made, at the customer's request