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Designed to operate in manual or piece-by-piece modes, its flexible design allows it to be used for cutting, 2D and 3D ablation, engraving and marking on metal workpieces, in bands or in trays.

An intuitive and customised user interface makes this laser even more easy to use. This high-tech machine is fitted with a vision identification system to ensure high-precision production.

Technicals specifications

general specifications
Height 1950 mm
Width 1110 mm
Length 1900 mm
Standard mass 2200 Kg
Power supply 3x400 V / 50Hz / 22kW / 40A
Pneumatic supply 6 bars minimum
Digital control Fanuc 31i-B5
Effective table surface  250 x 200 mm
X Path 250 mm
Y Path 200 mm
Z Path 150 mm
Machining feed 1-5000 mm/min
Machining fast XY 30 m/min
Machining fast Z 10 m/min
Repetability +/- 0.002 mm


laser source Picoseconde
Wavelength 343/515/1030nm
Average power 5-30 W
Max energy pulse 25-150μJ
Pulse length < 10 ps


laser source femtoseconde
Wavelength 1030 nm
Average power 30/40/80 W
Max energy pusle 200 μJ
Pulse length 900 fs