Mechanical machining



This machine is designed for band work, ideal for small and large runs. Automatic mode enables 24/7 work with a winder/unwinder system. This BCT-115, which is simple and fast to learn, can be employed for milling, drilling and brightening operations

Technicals specifications

general specifications
Height 2100 mm
Width 1200 mm
Length 1600 mm
Standard mass 1800 Kg
Power supply 3x400 V / 50Hz / 10kW / 16A
Pneumatic pressure 6 bars minimum
Digital control Fanuc 0imf
X Path 420 mm
Y Path 180 mm
Z Path 160 mm
X' Path 80 mm
Machining feed 1-5000 mm/min
Machining fast XY 15 m/min
Positioning accuracy +/- 0.003 mm
Repetability accuracy +/- 0.003 mm
Spindle speed 30'000 t/min
Tool holder HSK25
Power 1.8 kW
Cooling Cooling unit


- Customised band management system
- Band cleaning
- Band progession check
- Single or double mount machining
- Vacuum
- Accuracy measurement rules
- Sward suction machine
- Spraying oil mist
- Double spindle option revolver HSK25 (2 x 8 tools)