Mechanical machining



Compact transfer machine with two workstations for drilling, milling and diamond finishing of parts for the watchmaking or jewellery sector. Its flexibility and design means that various types of mounts or freeze-chucks can be used.

Technicals specifications

general specifications
Dimensions of the table 1’000 x 900 mm
  X 80 mm
  Y 80 mm
  Z 80 mm
Pre-loaded ball-bearing guidance  
Maximum machining feed 1’500 mm/min
Maximum machining fast 5’000 mm/min
Minimum increment 0.001 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 0.005 mm
Repetability accuracy ± 0.003 mm
Digital control Fanuc 31iMA
Spinde motor X-Y-Z (1 Nm) with absolute coders: 128’000 increments/turn
Ballscrew X-Y-Z 2 mm


Diamonding spindles in adjustable beam of tools  
Maximum speed 2’500 t/min
Power supply 0.75 kW
Maximum speed 30’000 t/min
Tool holder ISO 10
Power supply 1.5 kW


implementation up data
Height 1’800 mm
Width 1’600 mm
Length 1’300 mm
Standard mass 1’200 kg
Power supply 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 10 A
Pneumatic supply 6 bars minimum


- Freeze chucks
- Aspiration de vapeurs
- Steam inhalation
- Micro-spraying
- Swarf suction machine
- Modifications or specific characteristics may be made, at the customer's request