Mechanical machining



This small bench machine is used for milling, drilling, bevelling and engraving. The faceting machine version is extremely rigid and can also be used for diamond finishing operations

Technicals specifications

general specifications
Dimensions of the table 180 x 130 mm
Acceptable weight on the table  100 kg
X Path 80 mm
Y Path 80 mm
Z Path 80 mm
Pre-loaded ball-bearing guidance  
Maximum machining feed 2’000 mm/min
Maximum machining fast 5’000 mm/min
Minimum increment 0.001 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 0.006 mm
Repetition accuracy ± 0.004 mm
Digital control Fanuc Oi - MC
Spindle motor X - Y - Z (1Nm)  
with absolutre coders 128’000 increments/tour


Milling spindle  
Tool holder type ISO 10
Maximum speed 24’000 t/min
Power 1.5 kW
Faceting spindle  
Diamond holder Ø 150,4 diamants
Maximum speed 3’500 t/min
Power 500 W


Implementation up data
Height 1’050 - 1’350 mm
Width 570 mm
Length 1'100 mm
Standard Mass 350 kg
Power supply 3 x 400V ~ / 50Hz /10A
Pneumatic supply 6 bars minimum


- Broche 40’000 t/min
- 4 vertical or horizontal axis
- Covering of work area
- Programs parameterised for facetting
- Modifications or specific characteristics may be made, at the customer's request